Don’t fear the mess


We live in a world obsessed with perfection. With the rise of social media programs designed to showcase our lives to the world through series of comments, snippets, and photos, we pick the best, add a filter, and publish. Much like Photoshop allows an artist or photographer to erase the blemishes, tidy up the blurred lines, tone, tighten, and brighten, our phones allow us to touch-up the world around us, projecting the image of how we want our lives to[Read more]

Technology a time waster?

It’s hard to believe it was barely 15 years ago when going home still meant most contact with our friends, classmates, and colleagues was cut off for the evening. Unless there were phone calls exchanged or time spent on MSN messenger, our lives at home were separate from those of everyone else. We didn’t know what 500 different people were doing or thinking that evening. Now, I know very few people who do not spend most of their day on[Read more]

Be careful what you say on Social Media

If I had a dollar for the number of times a teen/young adult has told me that it doesn’t matter what they post on Facebook, Twitter etc, ‘they’re kids and it won’t affect them’, well, I’d probably have enough money to eat out at a really fancy restaurant. This isn’t a new idea – as a teen, I thought the stuff I put on my livejournal or MySpace could not possibly have an impact in my life. But the difference[Read more]