Don’t be a slacktivist

(This post was published as a column in the Orangeville Citizen on Thursday, August 21, 2014. As the columns do not make it in the online edition of our paper, some friends requested that I post it here so they could share the piece.) Last week the world was rocked, saddened and heartbroken by the news of actor Robin Williams’ apparent suicide. A number of celebrities, political officials and other important figures have died in my short lifetime, but I[Read more]

It’s time to start taking mental illness and suicide contagion more seriously.

Suicide contagion. Yep, I said it, and yes it is a real thing. It’s a dangerous thing that follows a publicized suicide of any kind, but specifically, a celebrity suicide. I think it’s safe to say, that along with a number of contributing factors from the media, this new attitude of slacktivism the world has taken to across social media just adds to it. Suicide contagion is defined as “the process whereby one suicide or suicidal act within a school,[Read more]

When acceptance, or the lackthereof, leads to death…

My small little town has been in the news a fair chunk lately. And not once for something positive. First, it was the woman who went missing, and was found murdered twenty minutes outside of town. Now, it’s about a double-suicide. A story that went as far as to reach the apparently ever-famous Perez Hilton. What is the reason this one stretched so far? It’s a tale of tragedy surrounding the lack of acceptance. Two lesbians, one technically still a[Read more]

To Save a Life – Part One: It Only Takes One To Make a Difference

Tonight the movie To Save a Life was shown at our church by our somewhat local radio station. I knew prior to attending the movie that it would have a huge impact on me due to the fact that the previews left me weeping every time I heard them. The main premise to the movie itself was one that wrenched my heart just thinking about it, because it was something I could relate to my own life. Before reading on,[Read more]