Expectation vs Reality

I turned 30 almost two months ago now, a birthday that became a milestone for many more reasons than I ever could have predicted. There were the usual ones: it was my Champagne Birthday (30 on the 30th), it was 30 (holy poop, I can no longer qualify as a ‘young adult’), and you know, adulty-stuff (what exactly is adulty-stuff anyway?). But this particular birthday marked several other things for me as well. It meant I have officially lived longer[Read more]

I’d be lying if I said that day meant nothing to me…

This post is belated by two days. I’m sure I don’t need to explain to any of you what this post is about, or the significance of that date. I never thought I would have trouble pouring out the swirling thoughts and emotions regarding September 11 and it’s ten year anniversary, but I was wrong. I sat down to write this post multiple times, only to delete everything as I frowned at how much my written words seemed to cheapen[Read more]