Just a girl, someday a wife; the letter series

Two Saturdays ago, I introduced the new weekly series I will be doing regarding letters I wrote to my husband during my dating hiatus after college, and how they helped prepare me for marriage. I didn’t know him yet, but you can find the explanation as to why on my first post. Each week, I will be posting a letter and a little insight into each of them, in the hopes that someone out there who may be struggling like[Read more]

Finding a ‘reason’ shouldn’t drive us

As Christians, I find that we often spend a lot of time trying to rationalize everything in our lives. We live by the ideal that God has a reason for letting everything that happens happen, and that it’s all part of His plan. But what happens when we start letting the pursuit of finding out that reason prevent us from going forward? I’ve lost count of the number of things that have ranged from incredibly trying in my life, to[Read more]

To Save a Life: Part Two – When the going gets tough, the tough get praying.

Do you ever have those moments where it feels like God has taken a sledgehammer and knocked you upside the head with it? Towards the end of To Save a Life, I definitely got one of those. It wasn’t lovely. It hurt. Emotionally, spiritually, and I’m sure I felt the physical reverberations of it. At that point in the movie everything is falling apart for Jake. I’m not gonna give away the spoilers here, but basically, Jake starts feeling like[Read more]

To Save a Life – Part One: It Only Takes One To Make a Difference

Tonight the movie To Save a Life was shown at our church by our somewhat local radio station. I knew prior to attending the movie that it would have a huge impact on me due to the fact that the previews left me weeping every time I heard them. The main premise to the movie itself was one that wrenched my heart just thinking about it, because it was something I could relate to my own life. Before reading on,[Read more]