We all have a story to tell

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” – Anaȉs Nin I was six or seven years old when I began writing regularly. Sitting underneath the Christmas tree that year was a beautiful, brightly coloured diary–one of the ones with its own special lock and key. The first entry was silly, as was the next, and the next, and the next. But I filled that diary as often as I could. Most of the time it[Read more]

The next chapter commences

15 years ago, I started my first blog. It was a silly little Xanga journal, used to hide anonymously on the internet and disclose some of my deep, dark secrets in a place that felt safe. Since then, my blogging has evolved into many different forms. In college, it grew from an online journal into a way to express myself and share my writing. Next, it became an anonymous safe haven where I could learn to navigate life and figure[Read more]

Just a girl, someday a wife; the letter series

Two Saturdays ago, I introduced the new weekly series I will be doing regarding letters I wrote to my husband during my dating hiatus after college, and how they helped prepare me for marriage. I didn’t know him yet, but you can find the explanation as to why on my first post. Each week, I will be posting a letter and a little insight into each of them, in the hopes that someone out there who may be struggling like[Read more]

10 Reasons I’m Obsessed with Writing

*This post is part four of an eight week series by Janet Brent at the Purple Panda Posse It’s no secret that I have been writing my entire life. From the age of six, where I received my first diary, right up through elementary school. I probably got busted as often in high school for writing non-class related assignments as I did in public school for reading during class (which was pretty much at least once an hour). I wrote[Read more]

The power of words

It was around grade 7 or 8 when I first became aware that my love of writing was more than just a passion. Teachers had begun to notice the flare I had for the written word, and my capability to convey things concisely and clearly; often moreso than my classmates. I was always writing; scribbling away in a notebook and taking what time my parents allowed me on the computer to pound out the stories that were dancing around in[Read more]

How losing my blogging community was a good thing

When I first began to pursue blogging as more than just my private LiveJournal, I had no idea where to start. Sure, I knew that I needed to create a blog, use keywords that would make my content searchable, and have content that could interest readers, but that was about it. I had no idea how to get my blog out there, or build a community. While I certainly had the option of using Facebook as a tool to promote,[Read more]